Why All Nonprofit Best Practices Are Not Created Equal

With hundreds of Best Practices to choose from, it is incumbent on the Nonprofit leader to carefully consider which Best Practices to prioritize for their organization as some are more important than others. 

In other words, depending on the situation, some Best Practices should be weighted higher in order of importance.

In reality, by selecting the “right” Best Practices to concentrate on, many of the others will take care of themselves. That is because some Best Practices provide a remedy to a symptom without solving the underlying problem. 

By addressing the core problems, the symptoms are also retired. 

How will your leaders choose what Best Practices to focus on? 

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Marc is Co-Founder and Principal Advisor of The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence. For the previous 12 years, Marc served full-time as executive and practitioner in three significant yet very different Nonprofits overseeing extensive domestic and international operations.