Get the best professionals when you need them

Independent specialists, practitioners and executives are available-for-hire to lead a project or assist existing Nonprofit leadership to achieve the goals outlined against predetermined objectives and milestones.

Do you want a proven specialist, practitioner or executive but only need ’em part time?

One way to think about a Practitioner-for-Hire is as an “Executives-as-a-Service” that you can “rent” exactly the type of experience and amount you need:

  • Instant On – “why recruit a full-time employee, when you can rent one, fast.” No hiring delays, headhunters, interviews or relocations.
  • Convenience – select from a roster of hands-on experience and talent. No lifetime consultants.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – you only tap the amount of talent you need.
  • Always Current – Practitioners-for-Hire are continuously sharpening their skills sets, which is no small challenge in this digital marketing era.

Nonprofit growth starts with vision – your vision. Armed with insights and the right resources, your vision becomes tangible by developing a roadmap from where you are today, to where you’re headed.

You choose:

  • Incremental Growth – Continue tweaking your current products, processes, using existing resources.
  • Substantial Growth – New insights, strategies and capabilities to reach next level, tapping “done that before” expertise.

Note: Our Managing Partner, Marc Stein has extensive outsourcing experience and can help you find the perfect Practitioner-for-Hire to meet your needs.

Investment will vary based on size and scope of the engagement. For a confidential no-obligation consultation, please email our Managing Director, Marc Stein.

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