New Artificial Intelligence Tool Will Show Nonprofits What’s Working and What’s Not

Promises to save nonprofits thousands in consulting fees, while creating effectiveness and bringing in more funding.

HEALDSBURG, Ca., Oct. 1, 2019 – The Global Center of Nonprofit Excellence® announced today the release of an innovative tool for nonprofits called OpX360®. Combining nonprofit best practices and artificial intelligence, this online tool will measure and offer improvements to operational competency in less than 60 minutes. 

OpX360® is like a $50,000+ consulting engagement without the cost or the weeks of discovery involved. Instead the program is comprised of six AI modules; one for each of the areas of operations of a nonprofit organization. Each OpX360® module has 60 Best Practice statements based on proven industry standards to help nonprofit organizations determine their current level of competence in any of the six operational areas of their organization. 

The tool will also help nonprofits understand the consequences for non-performance and what they can immediately do to improve any areas that are underperforming. 

 “As former nonprofit executives, we understand that when it comes to knowing how well a nonprofit is performing, most nonprofit executives and their board members are simply too close to be objective and few know where to start.” say OpX360® inventors Bob Lipps and Marc Stein. “Assessing competence against prescribed industry standards takes all the guesswork out.”

“The premise is simple: Nonprofits want more funding. Funders want more confidence. More confidence comes from demonstrated operational competence. Funders with more confidence give nonprofits more funding. Operational competence can be measured and improved with OpX360®,” says Lipps.

CPA & Nonprofit Leader Jim McKee said, “We’ve paid consultants many thousands of dollars in recent years. For a fraction of the cost, OpX360® provided us with more focused feedback, recommendations, and actionable steps for improvement than our consultants ever have.”

Within one hour of completing any of the six modules, the nonprofit will receive an Executive Briefing designed to be shared with their executives or board and a 70+ page Detailed Report addressing all 60 Best Practice statements for the person or team responsible for the specific area of operations.

Any of these assessments can be taken individually or together, depending on the needs of the organization. 

The six areas of nonprofit operations are:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Governance, Legal & Risk Management
  • Fundraising, Marketing & Communications
  • Program Management & Accountability
  • People & Organizational Development
  • Business Systems, IT & Facilities

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About The Global Center of Nonprofit Excellence®

The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence® (https:/// is an orchestrated network helping nonprofits, funders and industry experts work better together for the greatest impact. OpX360® ( was invented by co-founders Bob Lipps and Marc Stein and is a proprietary product of The Global Center of Nonprofit Excellence®.  


Marc is Co-Founder and Principal Advisor of The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence. For the previous 12 years, Marc served full-time as executive and practitioner in three significant yet very different Nonprofits overseeing extensive domestic and international operations.