Recently Vetted Fundraising Expert Referrals Free to Nonprofits and Funders

The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence has recently added some new Recognized Experts in the Fundraising, Marketing & Communications specialty areas that we thought you be interested in knowing about. As a reminder, Recognized Experts are known and proven best-in-class providers who consistently demonstrate excellence, reliability, benevolence and integrity with their clients and other professionals. Here’s what our five … Continue Reading

The Nonprofit Fundraising Executive Benchmark Study Wants You to Be Counted and It Will Cost You Nothing

We’d like to invite you to participate in a brand-new research project we are calling The Nonprofit Fundraising Executive Benchmark Study.  The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence is working in partnership with NextAfter, the premier online fundraising research lab, to reach more people, acquire more donors and raise more money to fund your world-changing work.  This … Continue Reading

What You Should Do and/or Avoid Now (Part 4 of 6)

Fundraising, Marketing & Communications During times of crisis, it helps to have access to Best Practices and objective input from industry professionals and practitioners. The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence has assembled a team of nonprofit experts to provide the following recommendations.  Contributors include Co-Founder Marc Stein of The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence®, Co-Founder, Attorney and … Continue Reading

How Nonprofits Increase Their Foundation Funding Through Best Practices and Technology

Nonprofits want more funding. Funders want more confidence. More confidence comes from demonstrated operational competence. Funders will more confidence give more. Operational competence can be measured and improved.  Nonprofits can increase their foundation funding by automating their manual Grant Management process through Grant Management smart tools leveraging industry best practices. There is not a better time … Continue Reading

Westfall Gold Receives Nonprofit Excellence Award

The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence selected Westfall Gold to receive the Nonprofit Excellence Award for raising over $1 billion in donations for nonprofit organizations through their signature major donor events. Since launching in 2002, Westfall Gold has become the leading producer of major donor events, having managed over 400 events. A Westfall Gold Major Donor Experience is … Continue Reading

How Your Nonprofit Can Increase Donations by Ignoring Competitive Impulses and Increasing Your Organizational Trustworthiness

Is there competition between nonprofits? Probably, even if it is not head-to-head competition.  Here’s why: The number of nonprofit organizations increases daily. Charitable donations by individuals are declining as the number of givers.  Major donor giving has stalled and the number of givers is shrinking.  In short, more nonprofits are seeking funds, less money is … Continue Reading

Best Practice “Recognized Expert” Becomes #1 Best Seller on Amazon’s Nonprofit Fundraising List

When a book about Nonprofit best practices by one of our Recognized Experts hits #1 on an Amazon’s Best Seller list, it’s worth celebrating. The book is 101 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofits Make and How to Avoid Them, by Andrew Olsen, CFRE and friends. This book is brimming with fundraising best practices and helpful instruction to remedy 101 … Continue Reading