A Simple Currency That Could Empower Billions of People?

A Promising Nonprofit Digital Currency or Pipe Dream I’ve recently been hearing a lot about a stable, borderless and frictionless digital currency under development to empower billions of people including the unbanked, under-banked and/or other potential beneficiaries of social programs.  It is being designed for greater confidence and much less volatility than Bitcoin and other … Continue Reading


For our programs and ministries to be successful, we need to realize financial management matters. It is nearly impossible to accomplish the mission of your organization without cash and that is why financial management matters. Sometimes we are so focused on the specific program activities and outcomes that we neglect the infrastructure of the organization. … Continue Reading

Strategic Planning: A Path to Success by Guest Contributor Dan Prater of BKD CPAs and Advisors

One of the most important jobs of a nonprofit board is to craft a strategic plan that keeps the organization focused and on track toward mission accomplishment. A thoughtful, properly executed strategic plan can transform an organization and help unite team members toward shared priorities. Here are seven considerations for planning success: 1. Commit to … Continue Reading